If you’ve ever bought new Dodge tyres, you know the frustration and stress that calling around to find the proper tyres can be. Since 2010 when Dodge stopped selling new cars in the UK, many shops won’t stock the tyres you need and when you do find them, you’ll have to wait in the tyre shop, while the tyres are fitted. If you’re like any other motorist, you’re tired of this song and dance. That’s why it’s time to call AA Tyres.


Driving on worn tyres is not safe and puts you at risk of an accident on the road. At the same time, being caught with poor tyres on your Dodge Nitro could result in a fine or penalty. Never worry about this again with our mobile fitting service. We will come right to you to fit your tyres anytime they need to be replaced. Don’t put it off any longer because we’ll get the job done in no time.


All you’ve got to do is input a bit of information into our handy search tool and we’ll match you up with the tyres you need for your Dodge Caliber. Once you’ve found the tyres you need, AA Tyres will order them for you. When they arrive, which can be in as little as 24 hours, we will come to you at a convenient time and place to fit them.


Our professional fitters are available six days a week and prevent you from having to give up time in the office or social time with friends and family. As long as your car is in a safe and secure place, we’ll fit tyres in your driveway or the car park at your office. The best news is that your mobile fitting service comes completely free of charge.


So, whether you need tyres for your Dodge Journey MPV, AA Tyres has what you need, when you need it. You spend enough time taking care of your to do list, so let us help you cross one more thing off without all the stress and worry that’s usually associated with buying new tyres. Even if you drive a less common Dodge model, we can hook you up with the tyres you’ve been hunting for. Our tyres are priced up to 40% lower than the competition and you can even get discounts when you buy more than one tyre at a time.


Any motorist will tell you that they want to take the best care of their Dodge possible. Because you’re a sensible driver, you likely feel the same way. Instead of letting your tyres get worn and risking your safety, let AA Tyres help you. Get started right now and you’ll have your new tyres fitted in just a few days.