Are you really stressing out with how hard it can be to get new tyres for your Lada Kalina? Or are you having a hard time finding the right fit for your Lada Vesta? Let AA Tyres take the stress out of buying tyres. Not only is it easy to order what you need, but our prices are affordable and we’ll come right to you. Our fully mobile service means you don’t even need to leave your house when you need new tyres. It’s never been this easy to replace your Lada tyres!

It can be so frustrating that tyre shops are open only when you’re at work, meaning you have to take time off work or give up your weekend to get new Lada tyres. Our mobile fitting service is the clear answer to the problem. Our fitters are available six days a week, including on Saturday. You can take some time to relax or get your work done while we change your tyres at your home or office.

Lada tyres are easy to find, thanks to our simple process. By entering your tyre size specifications, we’ll give you all the options available with just a few clicks. The effortless order form lets you choose from tyres in all price ranges and brands. Simply choose what you want and then order them. Choose a time to have them fitted and we’ll do the rest.

Not only can this save you time, but you can also save money with AA Tyres. We pride ourselves on very competitive prices, sometimes up to 40% off the other tyre shops in your area. New tyres optimise the handling of your Lada Priora and keep you safe on the road. We recommend changing both tyres on an axle at the same time and offer a discount for doing so. Of course, buying a full set also means finding special discounts and savings. So let us give you new tyres at the price you want to pay.

Typically, when you buy a full set of Lada tyres, you may be responsible for disposing of the old tyres. Not when you choose AA Tyres. We’ll get rid of the old tyres for you, eliminating the need to find a place to take them and having to pay too much to have them disposed of.

There’s really no other choice. AA Tyres provides peace of mind by changing your tyres where you are. You’ll never have to drive on unsafe tyres again or worry that you’ll have to pay a fine or face a penalty just because you’re too busy to sit in a tyre shop.

So, when you need new Lada tyres, you can rely on AA Tyres to save you money and time. A few simple steps and you’re all set. So go ahead and enjoy your weekend or save your time off work for a vacation and let us replace those tyres while you live your life. There’s really no better service around than what we offer at AA Tyres.