You made an investment in your Lamborghini and you love it, so you clearly want to keep it maintained and in tip top running shape. You want what’s best for your car, and that includes the tyres. What if you could find Lamborghini tyres with just a few clicks? That’s where AA Tyres comes in. We can find you the exact tyres for your Lamborghini Urus and we’ll come fit them at your home or office. You can be absolutely sure of our quality, efficiency and top-notch service all in one place.

You don’t ever have to let your busy life get in the way of having new tyres fitted. Instead of spending your free time calling all over town looking for the right tyres for your Lamborghini Aventador and then waiting in the shop while they’re installed, you can order your tyres, pick a date to have them fitted and we’ll do the rest. No more giving up your precious time just because you need a new set of Lamborghini tyres.

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Just because you expect the best, doesn’t mean you want to pay over the odds for quality tyres. We offer a wide range of discounts and deals and can be up to 40% cheaper than the competition. With those substantial savings in mind, choose just one tyre or a full set of four new tyres. We recommend changing both tyres on an axle at the same time. That ensures proper safety and handling of any Lamborghini model.

Speaking of safety, driving on worn tyres is never a good idea. It can lead to an accident or get you stuck with a fine or penalty for driving on illegal tyres. No more putting it off because you’re busy. AA Tyres takes the frustration out of it by making it as easy as possible to order your tyres and then have them fitted when it works for you. We work six days a week and will come to you when it works for you, not us.

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