Originally an American company, BF Goodrich was at the forefront of tyre development and has helped to set the standards in the industry today.

BF Goodrich today is part of the Michelin Company but still continues to create the innovation, material and technology that are needed to supply the world with some of the finest tyres. Among the innovations of BF Goodrich include the invention of the tubeless tyre, the first ever run-flat tyre and the first 24-inch 4x4 tyre. The BF Goodrich brand can be seen nearly everywhere in the world today and plays a prominent role in a number of motorsports, including the Indianapolis 500.

You can find BF Goodrich tyres for any type of car, light truck, van SUV, 4x4, business car or commercial vehicle that make use of the latest technology so you can be sure to get a comfortable and reliable ride.