Drivers can easily order brand new Continental tyres from our professional mobile tyre fitting service. All you should do is make a booking online and one of our expert fitters will drive to a location of your choice.

All you need to do is park your vehicle in a secure location and our fitter will arrive and perform your fitting free of charge.

If you’re an AA Member, you’ll also benefit from a 2.5% discount. However, all of our customers can take advantage of our price match guarantee which ensures our prices are kept low all year long.

Continental AG

Continental is the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1871, its headquarters are located in Hanover, Germany, where it manufactures tyres for a wide selection of vehicles.

The manufacturer uses cutting-edge, bespoke technology to design and develop its range. The result is Continental tyres are environmentally friendly, innovative, and provide excellent road safety standards through the use of bespoke technology such as ContiSilent, macro-block tread patterns, and long-chain polymer compounds.

Continental also has a history in sports car racing, which it began in 1997. Despite the brand’s exceptional history, however, it hasn’t been involved other disciplines such as Formula One.