Dunlop Tyres SP SportMaxx GT

The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is an ultra-high-performance summer tyre manufactured for high-performance sports driving. It provides exceptional dry weather grip and handling responsiveness.

The SP Sport Maxx GT offers motorists with improved dry weather grip, precise handling, and high-speed cornering stability. Dunlop design the top to ensure it maintains its shape - even at motorway speeds. This assists with vehicle stability and promotes improved wear resistance as the pressure on the tyre is distributed across the entire contact patch. 

Dunlop manufactures the tyre with a tread compound mixed with racing carbon black to improve dry grip the braking performance. In addition, Dunlop Touch Technology merges advanced modern tyre features which provide a flatter tread profile for increased handling responsiveness and steering precision.

Key Features

  • Excellent ultra-high-performance summer tyre for sports driving. 
  • The tread compound is mixed with racing carbon black to increase dry grip and braking performance.
  • Dunlop Touch Technology delivers better handling, responsiveness, and steering precision.
  • Includes Dunlop's RunOnFlat technology in the event of a puncture. 

This product has been discontinued.

All prices include:

  • Mobile tyre fitting at your home or workplace.
  • We give a Price Match Guarantee*.
  • New valve, balancing & old casing disposal included.
  • Expert mobile tyre fitters.
  • Service from UK's most trusted brand .
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