GT Radial Tyres KargoMax ST-4000

GT Radial has manufactured the KargoMax ST-4000 for caravans and trailers, a tyre which offers excellent protection against environmental and climatic factors, as well as one which can handle the increased loads which these vehicles have to handle.

Specially designed for the purpose, it features a unique structure to the carcass and tread pattern. The shoulder pattern features an ozone-resistant compound and consequently offers excellent protection from the sun’s often harmful rays.

In addition, the inner lining of the tyre has a butyl-based rubber sealant. This keeps air within the tyre, keeping it inflated to the right air pressure for longer. The tread depth has also been designed to cope with the stresses it will face out on the road.

The enhanced sidewall strength is another factor which makes the KargoMax ST-4000 such as effective tyre at handling heavy loads, whilst also offering drivers an excellent and comfortable driving experience.

Key Features

  • Specially designed tyre for caravans and trailers
  • Advanced technology protects against negative climatic conditions
  • A strong and durable tyre for long distance journeys
  • Designed to keep air in the tyre for longer

All prices include:

  • Mobile tyre fitting at your home or workplace.
  • We give a Price Match Guarantee*.
  • New valve, balancing & old casing disposal included.
  • Expert mobile tyre fitters.
  • Service from UK's most trusted brand .
GT Radial TyresGT Radial Tyres KargoMax ST-4000
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Tyre SizeTyre TypeTyre LabelPriceChoose
145/70R13 78N GT KARGOMAX ST-4000
  • E
  • C
  • 69
195/70R14 96N GT KARGOMAX ST-4000
  • C
  • C
  • 72
145/80R13 79N GT KARGOMAX ST-4000
  • E
  • C
  • 70
  • E
  • C
  • 71
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