Even if you have a brand-new set of tyres on your car, it doesn’t guarantee you nothing will go wrong with them. Keeping your tyres within the legal limits in the UK is vital in order to avoid fines, repair costs and to ensure that you’re not running the risk of your insurance becoming void.

How to Spot Tyre Damage

Damage to your tyres can take many forms and sometimes you may not even be aware you’ve suffered damage until your tyre goes flat or has a blowout.

Your tyres can suffer from all kinds of things. Whether it’s a nail, other debris you pick up when driving or the tyres getting old; there’s a lot of things that you need to be aware of.

How Often Should You Check Your Tyres?

It’s important you regularly inspect your tyres to see how they look and feel. It’s a good idea to take a quick look at your tyres every week as you walk around your car. You should check for worn spots on the surface of the tyre, run your hand over it to see if anything is stuck in the treads, and don’t forget to check the air pressure to make sure it is inflated properly.

Taking the time to just do a quick check each week can help you spot any potential problem areas that need your urgent attention. Finding something early on can help you make sure you have safe and proper tyres on your car at all times so that it’s performing at its best. Ultimately, carrying these checks out will help you to get better mileage and longevity, and also save you money in the long run.

How to Fix Damaged Tyres

If your tyres are over or under inflated, you can check your manufacturer’s recommendations and return the tyres to the right air pressure.

If the compound you have has been severely damaged, such as with cords on display, a tread pattern below the legal limit, or obvious sidewall damage, you should replace your tyre so that it’s roadworthy.

You can use our mobile tyre fitting service for a quick and convenient replacement. We drive directly to a location of your choice and perform a free fitting for all of our customers, as well as providing a 2.5% discount for AA Members.

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