You may not have ever thought about it much, but there are many different types of tyres that are available to you. A lot depends on the type of vehicle you drive but different tyre types are also available depending on the type of driving you are going to do. Knowing the different types that are available can help you decide which tyres you want to buy, so you are sure to get something that provides you with great performance and safety for your vehicle all of the time.

Some people may just want tyres that are going to give them great handling and grip on the road when driving. Others may be looking for tyres that excel when braking. You can even choose tyres based on the seasons – you might want tyres specifically designed for winter to help you drive in the snow or ice, and others that perform well in the heat of the summer. You could also get tyres that are designed to work well no matter what time of year it is; these are known as all-season tyres.

Of course vehicles like vans and trucks are going to have tyres of different sizes and tyres that wear differently.  In this case, you will need tyres designed to handle heavier loads, as this kind of vehicles weigh much more and are used to transport much more weight than regular vehicles. You may even want tyres that are all-terrain if you plan to take your truck or vehicle off the road and drive through dirt, mud or sand.

Once you decide what type of driving you are going to do, you can think about which types of tyres will perform the best for you. You can then work on getting the tyres that can give you what you need.