Owning a four wheel drive vehicle (SUV, truck, and other utility vehicles) can be a lot of fun and provide the type of off-road driving experience many people love. 

If you need 4x4 tyres for road surfaces, consider high-performance 4x4 tyres. They are designed specifically for road surfaces and not for off-roading, so you get much better road grip. For more diverse environments, drivers can try out the following makes. 

All Terrain Tyres

If you enjoying taking your vehicle off-road regularly, an all-terrain (AT) set of tyres would be the best choice. These are designed to provide greater grip across a variety of road surfaces, making them ideal for on and off-road driving.

Mud Tyres

Drivers who spend a lot of time off-road may consider mud tyres (MT) the best option. If your 4x4 is used primarily  for off-road adventures, they certainly are the tyre of choice.

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