There have been all kinds innovations made in car technology in recent years – early warning systems, anti-lock brake systems, parking assistance and more – that have helped to make driving safer and easier for you.

Tyres are no exception to this, as they have seen changes to make them more durable, perform better and last longer. One of the great innovations that you can find with tyres today is run flat tyres. Run flat tyres can be a big help to you if you find yourself in a situation where your tyre has been punctured or damaged.

Run flat tyres offer you the great convenience of being able to drive with a tyre which has been punctured. Traditionally, when you get a flat you had to immediately pull over and get the car off the road.

With run flats, you have the ability to drive a little bit longer so you can get to a place where you can change the tyre or call someone to help you replace it. This can be a big help to you so you can avoid getting stuck on the side of the road or trying to change a tyre when you are in a dangerous spot on the motorway.

There are some limitations if you want run flat tyres. They can't be used on every car. They can only be used on cars which have a monitoring system for tyre pressure built into the car so you can see when there is a drop in the pressure of one of your tyres.

Once deployed, run flats will let you drive about fifty miles at a low speed (generally less than 50mph), but it should be enough to get you to a location where you can get professional assistance.

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