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Tyre information

If you drive a van, your tyres can be a lot different from those that are on a typical car. Van tyres are designed to be stronger and more durable because of the extra weight they're likely to be carrying.

This is true whether you have a van designed for commercial work or one you use for your family. You're going to have more people, more cargo, equipment, and other items in your vehicle you'd have in a car.

There are a couple of particular things you want to keep in mind when shopping for van tyres. First, you have to make sure that any you purchase are labelled with an XL on the tyre sidewall. This will let you know the tyre is rated to handle heavier loads than usual. Most van tyres have sidewalls which have been strengthened so they can hold up better with the extra weight.

Other than this, you can look for the characteristics in a tyre you want the most – things like better road grip and handling, design for different weather or terrain, better braking, and so on.

Just like you should with your car, you do want to make sure you check your tyres regularly to ensure they're wearing properly. This is important to you in any circumstances, but particularly if you're using the vehicle for work, transporting heavy items, or transporting groups of people.

How to inspect your tyres

You want to make sure you have the safest tyres possible so you get quality performance and a safer ride. Look over the tyres and check for uneven wear, bulges, bald spots, cuts, or anything out of the normal so you can be aware of a problem and get it fixed.

Drivers should frequently check their tyres to ensure they are within the manufacturer specified tyre pressure limits. It's also important van drivers ensure they're capable of performing safely in relation to the amount of weight you will be placing in your van. For these reasons, we recommend drivers inspect their tyres to ensure they are legal and safe.

You can easily inspect them by checking the sidewalls – they will have an XL load index symbol on the side to indicate they have been designed to handle the extra weight.

It's also important to maintain the correct tyre pressure on your van tyres. If they're over or under-inflated, this can lead to degradation, but it can also create safety concerns and lower the overall performance. You should check your manufacturer's guidelines to ensure yours are at the correct limit.

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